Crafts & Drafts NC

Crafts & Drafts NC is a walk-in crafting bar & bottle shop in North Durham that sells beer/wine, and also offer various craft options for completing on site.

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We work a little different than most crafting places in that we are as hands on or hands off as you want us to be. Come in, buy a drink and a craft kit, and use the helpful instructions included with your kit to create something awesome. Need help? Tap on one of the touch lights at the table and we’ll be right over to help you through whatever you’re stuck on.


Our Mission and Values

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The overall mission of Crafts & Drafts NC is to bring communities together through creative exploration and continuous learning. We believe that everyone can learn new skills and get crafty, no matter their level of experience when they walk through the door. We believe in making crafting a fun experience that can be done in a relaxed, ‘come as you are’ atmosphere, and we’ll never stray from that as long as we’re in business.

About Us

Crafts & Drafts NC is the passion project of Virginia George, with the unending support and silent partnership of her husband, Jim George. Virginia dreamt of starting her own business one day, and kept coming back to the idea of a crafting bar; it just sounded too fun to resist. Amid hanging out with her crafty friends one night, Virginia brought up the idea and the response was a resounding, ‘you need to do this now.’ After many planning sessions with her husband and a lot of soul searching, she left her comfortable tech job to turn her dream into a reality. She hasn’t looked back since.

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