Christmas Ornaments

We have Christmas ornaments available to make as one of our holiday craft options! Types of ornaments include the following:

Wood Burning Ornament - A favorite craft option at Crafts & Drafts is now a favorite ornament. We have Christmas stencils for tracing on top of pre-drilled wood slices. The finished product is delightfully rustic and adorable.

Glass Ball for Freehand Painting - We have large glass balls for painting with acrylic paint. Our staff have made multiple examples to show off, but if you’re looking for more ideas, check out our Christmas ornament/wine glass board on Pinterest at

Glass Etching - We have mirrors for etching your favorite design from the Glass Etching Station, and yes, we now have Christmas stencils!

Embroidery Ornament - We’ve teamed up with Craft Habit in Raleigh to provide an adorable embroidery ornament for people to make. Choose your design, grab your embroidery floss from the seasonal craft station, and off you go!